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Bloggers Arena Galați

Those who share are the strongest 🙂 The meetings Bloggers Arena Galați participates in people who work in online media, bloggers, game enthusiasts and, in general, people who love socializing.

On November 25, 2017, the 4th edition of this event took place and represented the meeting place, socializing and playing about 50 people.

This edition started with a discussion with the participation of the bloggers present and all those who are passionate about this field. The main topic was the growth of the local community. It was an interesting exchange of experiences as a result of which we expect the appearance of new blogs in Galați.

We are discussing a porn tour of Fifa 18 2v2 and Gran Turismo for PS4, Dance Central 3 for Xbox Kinekt, CS:GO 5vs5 and spa for special threats for Catan, for or more.

The event could not have been this big without the support of our partners. We thank the companies that participated in the event, first of all for their interest and secondly for the confidence to invest in a less common event for the city of Galati.

We therefore thank:

  • Burger House Galați for lunch dough, for their burgers and delicious potatoes.
  • Martens Galați Factory beer which again took care to keep our fridge busy with beer.
  • Max Fitness Galați who beat the gym in the Dance Central, Fifa and Gran Turismo tournaments. The winner of the Dance Central tournament has already warmed up to go to the gym.
  • AdQuest IT to support the CS: GO tournament both logistically and with prizes for the winners.
  • Frontier Bakery For sweets and snacks I put the mood for the whole day.
  • Fresh that woke up participants with a good coffee from the first hour.
  • FotoBox Galați Booth if it comes out accessories have colored and printed atmosphere
  • Thecon Yes acquire for location and support in organizing

Bloggers Arena Galați this opportunity for people who will if it is more implied in the online community of the city. As a participant you can discover a constantly growing community, as a partner you can benefit from promoting the business you run through blogs and social networks. Is there a future edition? Surely. It will be bigger and cooler. Photograph taken by Vlad Mototolea from Picture Perfect și Marian Putirac.

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