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With Elementor Pro and WordPress you can do anything

Basically, you get your Elementor Pro from here and then you get the cheapest hosting from these guys I trust and you get to work. Just come up with an inspired domain name.

Prices Elementor Pro?

Compared to any other landing page solution, Elementor Pro is great. It costs 49 dollars to site. One year license.

After a year, you can extend it by $ 36. Or not. But this does not mean that your site will not work, but that you will not receive the latest updates, and if you do not have a budget you can live without them.

There is also a variant of 99 dollars per year for 3 sites. But the one that seems most profitable to me if you are an agency is the $ 199 per year variant through which you have unlimited to anything.

Practically, you only get your money for a year of Elementor Pro from a single customer, because you certainly don’t sell a presentation site for less than 500 euros. And in this money you have the following tools together:

  • Page Builder (gen ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, Instapage etc.)
  • Pop-ups (Sumo gene)
  • Template builder (proper header, footer, etc. the template)
  • Widgets for whatever you need
  • Integrate with orice email marketing service (gen MailChimp, GetResponse)

What I said there is SaaS for which you pay a minimum of $ 135 per month (ClickFunnels $ 96 + Sumo $ 39). And with Elementor, you get $ 49 a year ($ 4 a month).

Just see how cool the pop-up thing is…

Does Elementor exist for FREE?


One more thing

To make it easier for you to work, Envato (Theme Forest) has released Template Kits Beta for WordPress. This service is perfect with Elementor and already offers you ready-made templates.

Free (at least for now).

After installing Elementor here, you can go here to install Template Kits. And if you don’t have hosting and a domain name, you can take it from here.


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