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Why continuous optimization of Google Shopping products is vital for your marketing?

As we already know, the current state of the world attracts more and more people to the Internet, which also increases the demand for online shopping. If you’re not already using Google Shopping Ads to promote your online store, now is the time to make the most of it. However, when implementing ads on Google Shopping, many people forget the importance of the Google Shopping product feed. Advertising can’t just be turned on and off, it requires regular optimization just like the more traditional advertising on the Google Ads search network. Use this blog to learn how a powerful Google Shopping product feed can unlock the full potential of Google Shopping ads.

Why should a Google Shopping product feed be okay?

If you managed to avoid ads on Google Shopping, please update your information from our previous Google Shopping blog. We have also already considered product feeds on our blog. However, we are currently investigating how they can be used effectively in Google Shopping ads and what steps we can take to create and maintain high-quality Google Shopping product feeds. It is imperative that the Google Shopping product feed is in order every time we advertise on Google Shopping. We add as much up-to-date information as possible to your Google Shopping product feeds. The richer and better the content, the better the results in principle. Similarly, incomplete data does not allow us to expect significant results. However, the job is not limited to getting a quality Google Shopping product feed, it also requires regular monitoring and optimization.

It all starts with product information in an online store

The high-quality, comprehensive product feed on Google Shopping means you can find the products you want the right way. At a minimum, the following information must be found in the product information on the website in good quality in order to assume the functionality of Google Shopping ads:

  1. ID
  2. Vault
  3. Description text
  4. Link
  5. image link
  6. Availability
  7. Price
  8. GTIN code
  9. Brand
  10. Category

Of course, the grammar must also be in order: do not use capital letters in vain, for example, and do not write the entire title in capital letters. The title must give a precise and clear description of the product, since a bad title quickly reduces the interest of people. You can use stock information to specify in your feed that ads won’t appear if an item is out of stock. So don’t run ads if products aren’t available because there’s no point in directing people to a product that can’t be purchased. Without a brand, advertising is ineffective, so it should be highlighted. One important thing to forget about when implementing ads on Google Shopping is the category. This is very important information, because without it, Google will not be able to properly connect the product. The more accurate you can add information to your Google Shopping product feed, the easier it is for the AI ​​to correct any issues that arise.

For example, you can specify in your Google Shopping product feed, whether the item has been used, refurbished or new.

Depending on the situation, you can also use the following information: condition, shipping, sale price and product type as information in the product information. As mentioned, the more information you provide in Google Shopping feed the better By optimizing, you can choose where and how to use this information. Once you’ve carefully added your product information to your online store, you can create a functional Google Shopping product feed. You can export product information from an online store to that location Google Merchant Centerwhere you can top up your Google Shopping feed.

Tools to help you fix your product feed on Google Shopping

Only on Google marketing platforms you can get your Google Shopping product feed in an edited state, but if you want to create a high-quality feed and achieve the desired results with Google Shopping ads, you need paid tools for this too. At Digital Marketing in Finland, we use tools designed specifically for editing product feeds. They allow us to seamlessly correct incomplete data in the feed and, for example, determine that ads will not appear if the number of products is zero. However, it is important to remember that a Google Shopping product feed, once created, even if Highest possible quality: Will not guarantee results unless optimized in the future. Optimizing your Google Shopping product feed is a common task, just like Google Ads on the web.

We don’t just take advantage of automation Google Smart Shopping Ads, but with our tools, we can also implement Google Shopping Ads according to the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) model, which is familiar from Google Ads web search advertising. In the SKAG model, individual keywords are in their ad groups and the the keyword is added to the first header only. However, Google Shopping Ads speak of a Single Product Ad Group (SPAG) where individual products are in their own ad groups. In the SPAG model, instead of keywords, the products themselves are tracked. In Google Shopping ads, it’s best to follow the actual search terms, not just the keywords.

However, the importance of keywords in Google Shopping ads should not be overlooked. As keywords, it is recommended to choose words that people might use to search for these products. Proper keywords in titles and legend fields improve results. When products have the right keywords, Google also knows how to target ads more precisely.

Avoid common mistakes in Google Shopping ads

Poor product information on the website, slow flow of products on Google Shopping and lack of optimization are common causes of Google Shopping ads not working. If you combine them with Google Smart Shopping and give the AI ​​all the power, it’s a sure way to spend money in vain.

There’s a common misconception that Google Smart Shopping is an easy way to automate ads, at least if you just want to dream about results. Doing it this way is an easy and effective way to waste money that you could be spending on quality ads.

The importance of continually optimizing your Google Ads web search advertising also applies to Google Shopping advertising, although this works through several development steps. However, without optimization and development of advertising, the results will diminish over time.

Therefore, we must strive to achieve results from the beginning and prepare as carefully as possible. Accurate, high-quality product information on the website, a wide variety of products on Google Shopping, and constant optimization is the way to results!

Start advertising on Google Shopping now

If you haven’t tried Google Shopping ads yet or aren’t happy with the results, we’d love to help. So if you want to achieve measurable results with Google Shopping ads from day one, read on.

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