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SEO should be done before paid advertising

In many cases, we find the following in our projects: Companies believe that search engine optimization is relevant only after most of the paid advertising has been done. This is far from the truth. SEARCH ENGINE optimization is actually the first step in successful digital marketing, as it ensures, among other things, that your site performs optimally. Google and other search engines only increase a site’s ranking when it meets the user experience criteria they set. Both technically and in terms of content. So SEO is much more than playing with keywords. This. When the formality of the site is in order, the customer who is redirected to the site will feel comfortable with the site and will most likely be redirected to the desired conversion goal. If a site is not performing well, the advertising money spent on paid ads is not used optimally.

In this post, I’ll tell you 4 reasons why it makes sense to optimize for search engines before starting paid advertising in your digital marketing strategy.

1. SEO is a long-term plan

Compared to AdWords, SEO is not that fast in terms of performance. SEO is a more sustainable and long-term process and you have to be patient with it.

It is always a good idea to demand results from a website and it is also a good idea to create a plan for the website. What do you want the website to do? What kind of visibility do you want to see on the website? What search terms should the website display?

A website is more than a business card and its features should be designed to support the company’s goals and business.

These targets are out of time and accessing the targets is almost impossible without search engine optimization. This also means that a competitor must have the same search engine optimization efforts as you if they want better visibility. And as long as your own search engine optimization continues, it will be that much harder to move into search engine opportunities.

2. Organic traffic generated through SEO will cost more if purchased through paid advertising

If a website gets 2,000 visitors through organic traffic from the search term “foundation”, then the same amount of traffic through Google AdWords would be worth over £4,000 per month (CPC over £2). In this case, there is only one search term, which means that it becomes much more expensive to advertise with other key terms. In this case, it seems that seo optimization costs, for example, 1000 euros per month.

And by that I’m not saying that AdWords doesn’t have an important place in the result, in fact it does, but I just want to illustrate how sustainable and accessible the flow of visitors generated through SEARCH engine optimization is.

In some cases, SEO prices vary drastically. There are operators that are very expensive or very cheap, so it is always worth making sure you pay.

3. Organic search is trusted more than paid ads

If a website is among the first to be searched for organically, searchers trust that the information they need can be found at the top of the search result. In paid advertising like Google AdWords, this is not always the case, especially when looking for objective information. People trust Google’s organic search results algorithm and assume that Google wants to provide seekers with the most relevant information, and that’s what Google is really looking for.

Just as you believe other people’s recommendations for a good restaurant more than your own restaurant listings, you also believe Google’s recommendations for good sites more than your advertised pages.

4. Search engine optimization you can do yourself

SEO is not rocket science and anyone can do it for themselves, at least to some extent. Anyone can design the site structure and consider the most important keywords. Free tools like Google Keywords Designer can also be used. This tool provides information on the number of search terms.

If the website is well designed and done, and the content plan for the important search of the site has been done, it will go a long way. Basically, all the necessary information about SEO can be found on the Internet, so if you have the time and desire to do it yourself, you should start with our blogs. Chances are you have all the information you need.

In general, the employees of the company have their own tasks and focusing on SEO may not be profitable. That’s why we are here to help you!

The most important thing to take away from this post is that SEO should start at the website design stage as it makes it easier and faster to achieve website goals and leads to significant savings from advertising in the long run. Paid advertising is very important to get involved with at the beginning, but only when the website is optimized and the westerns are in order. This will ensure the effective use of advertising money.

I could finish my fifth BONUS reason for this search engine optimization. Simply put, the more people who want to buy and are interested in your company’s products and services on your site, the more effective you will be in marketing your entire company. You can redirect more people to your social media channels and email list and get them remarketed through the Google Mapping network, for example.

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