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How to double mailing list revenue in online store?

Doubling your email list revenue may seem like a lot of work. However, duplication does not require that the work be done twice as well or twice as hard with more resources. The important thing is that you develop everything constantly.

Start with an example:

1000 people on your email list. Everyone makes one purchase a year. The average purchase is 10 euros. So you can get 1000 x 1 x 10th £10,000 of

In the next step, you will develop each area evenly by 30%. In this case, you have 1,300 people on your email list, they shop 1.3 times a year on average, and the average purchase is £13. Doesn’t that sound like much improvement? However, the end result more than doubled:


It sounds simple enough, but it is actually much more difficult. So let’s take a closer look at the steps to take to double your billing. in terms of email marketing!

1) Increase the size of your email list

You can roughly divide your ecommerce email list into 3 different areas.

A) Organic growth

Your online store email list is constantly growing as customers also click the “subscribe to newsletter” button at checkout, or when they join as newsletter subscribers via a form on the site. . However, organic growth is quite slow if the newsletter is not conceptualized in an interesting way, or if no prize is promised for joining the list. Also, the prize doesn’t always have to be a discount, as you’ll soon find out.

Size The “Subscribe to Newsletter” form does not attract many people, so the newsletter should be conceptualized in line with the brand of the online store. By conceptualization, I mean having an interesting name for the newsletter and creating a picture of the benefit of being a subscriber. Nobody wants the newsletter itself, but your customers want the benefits of your newsletter.

For example, the number of people connected to our email list increased by 96% when we changed “Subscribe to newsletter 2 times per month via email” -> “Subscribe to silent digital marketing information 2 times per month via email electronic”. The newsletter remains exactly the same, but is reported to be more interesting in the current version. Who would want to miss out on the quiet insights of our 30 experts collecting close to a hundred different customer cases 8 hours a day?

How could you conceptualize your newsletter on your own? Water is a necessary condition for all life, or iron is a corrosive liquid. The way you say things determines how attractive things are in the eyes of the reader.

B) Quotes

are the most commonly used means of increasing the size of a list. One of the reasons for this is that they work. For example, “Join a newsletter subscriber to get -10% off your first purchase” is a very common way to increase your list size. Even if you have to give -10% discount on your first purchase, the value of the email address is much higher than the discount you gave.

a customer who buys once through online stores can in many cases have a return of 0 euros or even a loss. Therefore, obtaining the customer’s email address and marketing authorization is very important so that you can refer the customer to another purchase with little or no purchase cost. Another purchase, as a rule, is always much more profitable than the first.

return to this -10% offer. Such an offer does not always have to be an outright discount. Because people don’t want to miss out on future deals either! For example, we increased the size of our eCommerce clients’ email list by 1,000 contacts per week with just one popup.

I’m afraid I can’t reveal the exact content of the popup, but I can tell you the idea behind it. In short, the idea was that if a contact wants to know before anyone else the offers of future “advertising days” and get a link to a secret Facebook group, join now. The idea doesn’t seem to change in the world, but it worked when the words were chosen.

For example, you can make a free popup with justuno.

c) lead magnets

It is also possible to create liroid magnets in your online store, although they are often seen as marketing materials for offline stores. Lead magnets include hopper guides, email courses, video training, webinars, and checklist.

For example, an online makeup store might do a 5-part makeup training video with a well-known makeup artist. Or an online pack store can write a comprehensive guide on what to consider when planning a hike and what products you need to hike.

Indid is about helping their customers, not promoting their products.

2) Increase the frequency of purchase of your customers

The frequency of customer purchases varies greatly depending on the type of products you sell. For consumer products, the buying cycle for top customers can be as short as a month, while for price-for-life products it can be years.

A) Offer your best products to your customers regularly

What are your 5 best selling products? What is the typical purchase cycle for these products for customers who have purchased them more than once? If a product’s purchase cycle is 30 days, re-offer the product 25 days after purchase. If the customer doesn’t buy, offer the product within 40 days, for example, and with free shipping!

B) Automation of abandoned carts

This automation is perhaps the most used automation in online stores. In short, the idea is to send a message to the customer who has abandoned the cart that there are more items in their cart.

Personally, I have always come up with two versions of an abandoned cart. One for those who have never bought from your store and one for those who have. Previous buyers trust you and know how long delivery takes. In this case, the reason for the cart abandonment is usually something else. The customer may not be sure that the product is right for him or her, or the process is simply not completed.

If a customer hasn’t bought from your store once, it’s a good idea to highlight order and shipping related issues in rejected cart messages sent to them. Offering free shipping is also a good option to encourage the customer to make their first purchase, which is always the most challenging.

C) VIP Communications

Send 20% of your clients and generate 80% of your income. The numbers are not absolute; So take care of the top 20% and don’t let them be customers of a competitor’s store.

If a customer has purchased from your store for a few hundred dollars, then you can’t reach that person in the same way as a contact who only joined your list after a discount coupon without a single actual purchase. That’s why it’s worth making a VIP automation for the best customers, where you thank them and reward them, for example, with a substantial discount for being good customers for you. This ensures that they will remain yours.

Of course, the discount is not the only option. You can make a one-minute video thanking the long bill and introducing the people who take the orders and the grocery pack, for example. Tell them that the client plays an important role in being!

D) Retain customers who disappear

Acquiring customers is always more expensive than maintaining customer relationships and the redemption gained through them. So you don’t have to let your money and acquired customers disappear with hassle. For example, if a typical online shopping cycle is 60 days, customers who haven’t made a purchase in 90 days are already at risk of “disappearing.”

Email these customers, catch up and suggest your most popular products or show off your promotional products. A thousand helps a lot to build a food product,

3) Increase the average purchase size of your customers

that the size of the average purchase is of great importance for the profitability of the business. That’s why they try to make it grow, regardless of the industry: “Will you drink more and chips for a euro?”, “How do you get three pairs of well-fitting socks?”.

>Shin should do the same in your online store. If a customer buys a phone for £500, offer a suitable cover for the phone immediately after purchase! Even if the extra product you offer doesn’t seem like a few dollars or tens, it’s still a very good margin store for you because you won’t have to spend money to get a purchase.

it can also be extended with tools designed for it. The tool is often used: “Those who bought this product also bought these products” style solution.

Pairs of products similar to Yand are on your Internet



As you will notice, every action requires segmenting customers according to their behavior and to buy personality. The more accurately all your customers are divided into different segments, the more accurate and effective email marketing you can

To maintain email list revenue, you don’t have to double your list size, frequency, or average purchase size. All you have to do is develop everything evenly! Reward your best customers, nurture customer loyalty, and proactively offer them products that are tailored to them based on previous purchases. It’s not pushy, it’s the best customer service. Do it a lot and be bold, but remember to plan because otherwise the deck

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