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What is a Trustmark and how to create one

Everyone is a bit uncertain about what will happen next. Will there be sales in the coming months or not? Do I have a job next month? Is our income enough? At the very least, this uncertainty doesn’t make it any easier to sell, which is why it’s important to earn the trust of your customers. The customer wants to be absolutely sure that you can deliver what you promised. I’m sure you can immediately list the brands whose services or product quality you trust. He is absolutely sure that they can deliver everything they promise in any situation. These brands have built a strong relationship with you and make sure it stays that way.

Next, I will talk about what a Trustmark is, what trust marks are today in Finland and around the world, and how they are created.

What characteristics do trust marks have?

Customers love to hear your opinion. This does not mean that you respond to comments or emails on your Facebook page, but rather that you develop your services and products based on your customers’ feedback. This gives customers the feeling that they are being taken care of and that the relationship between the customer and the brand is more personal and accessible. This makes it more likely that the customer will become a repeat customer and recommend your brand.

As a Trustmark, you also make sure that the product or service matches the description of the product or service you offer. If you don’t deliver on this promise, the customer will feel cheated and stop buying your brand’s products or services in the future.

The client will also tell their acquaintances about this experience and you will lose many potential clients. It has been studied that negative experiences are easier to remember and that such experiences are perceived more clearly.

A Trustmark must be everywhere. So keep the look as consistent as possible from your website to product packaging. This gives the buyer the feeling that they are spending time with the same brand. You can learn more about the importance of a unified brand vision on our blog. Is it in all things important that the look of your digital brand is recognizable? — SDM Oy

Also, the more open your actions are, the easier it will be for you to trust. Don’t offer vague or obscure purchase terms, but instead explain to the customer as clearly as possible what they are buying and how much it costs. For example, give the buyer the opportunity to see the cost of shipping before it is paid in the online store.

The most popular brands in Finland and around the world

There are no studies in Finland that specifically measure reliability, but the brand score can be used here as a benchmark.

In Finland, the list of the TOP 10 most trusted brands in 2019 looked like this:

  1. Fiskars
  2. Do
  3. Arabian
  4. make blue
  5. YLE
  6. Hackman
  7. Iitala
  8. Champion
  9. S group
  10. Google

Finnish brands are clearly in high demand in Finland, so brand communication should focus on the locality of the brand.

The list of the TOP 10 most trusted brands in the US looks like this:

  1. USPS
  2. Amazon
  3. Google
  4. PayPal
  5. weather channel
  6. Chick-Fil-A
  7. The Hershey Company and UPS
  8. cheerleaders
  9. M&M’s

A fountain: Most Trusted Brands 2020

In reviewing the results of the study, particular attention was paid to the importance of brand awareness and the ability to listen to customer needs, as well as development based on feedback.

The study also compared the results of different generations. The younger generation is more skeptical of brands and therefore getting their credit is more of a challenge. They will also take a closer look at whether brands are doing the right thing ethically.

How to build a trustworthy brand?

Based on the points above, the first thing you should do is start investing in improving customer satisfaction. Collect customer feedback and listen to what they want. Build your services and products based on feedback and you’ll be one step closer to being a satisfied and loyal customer.

After that, make sure that you keep your promise regarding the product and that you can deliver what you promised. It also automatically enhances the shopping experience.

As your shopping experience evolves, it’s important to maintain consistent quality throughout the entire buying process, from website to product receipt. Make the ordering process through the website simple and functional so that the buyer is not frustrated at an early stage.

How to improve reliability through marketing?

Post customer reviews on your website. Do not hide negative comments unless they are completely unfounded. Show that you care about the opinion of customers and respond to them.

Also highlight the customer experience in your ad, tell us how person x bought product y and how they enjoyed it on topic z.

Share information about your company on your website, tell your story so that the customer can more easily identify you. Make the brand human and accessible. If possible, include employee faces on your website. Customers feel much more secure when they know who they are dealing with.

Keep your appearance consistent so that the buyer will recognize you. Don’t make customers wonder if they all have the same brand or not. A good way to develop this consistency is the brand strategy, you can read more about it on our blog.

Many of these things seem obvious, but how well do you put them into practice yourself?

While building a trusted brand is time consuming, is it worth the effort?

Customers trust that brands will be able to keep their promises even in difficult times and the quality of the product or service will not suffer. It is very important that you have loyal customers who can currently invest in your brand.

Of course, you will not immediately become the most trusted brand in the eyes of your customers, but by taking care of them and their needs in any situation, you are moving in the right direction. Also, make sure your branding is consistent; This will greatly increase the benefits of being able to constantly remind the shopper of your brand’s existence.

Create a road map of customer satisfaction and start moving towards your goal of becoming a trusted brand in the eyes of your customers.

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