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Why Every Business Should Study This Question

In this blog, I’m going to tackle perhaps the most important aspect of SEO, which is keyword research and why it matters to your business.

Like I said, researching search queries is a very important part of working with search engines. Through this “detective” work, we learn about search query data, search volumes, and how competitive search words are and what words you should use on your website. In addition, you will learn to better understand your customers and how they search for the products or services in question.

Keyword research allows you to anticipate market developments before competitors and meet people’s needs by creating services or products that your customers search for in search engines.

Get to know your customers better with keyword research

Your customers may use completely different words when searching for what you think. Even if your product offers a solution to their problem, they may not come to your site because they don’t speak the same language. It may sound trite, but that’s how it works in search engines. The typical person searching for a particular product or service will often begin their search with general search terms like “guitar.” The user then browses the pages, returns to the search engine and finds, for example, “electric guitar” or “electric guitar for beginners”. This is repeated until the user is satisfied with the search result. Imagine you have a tool store, and every time a user searches, they will land on your site and find what they need.

Using the information gained from keyword research, you can learn to better understand your customers and create a site that logically matches your customers’ search algorithm.

Keyword Types Affect Traffic Quality and ROI

Keyword research highlights keywords that can be searched for thousands upon thousands of times per month. We refer to these search terms as “short keywords.” Short keywords have a wide range of specific meanings, like “guitar” I mentioned earlier. At this stage, the searcher does not know if the candidate is looking for information on guitars or buying a guitar. After looking at short keywords, we’ll look at more specific search terms, which we refer to as “long keywords.” Long keywords are used when the user knows what he is looking for. A user who previously used the keyword “guitar” did not receive the information he needed from the search engine. He is now familiar with the subject and will use the search term “electric guitar for beginners”. Said keyword also indicates that the user can buy the product in question.

According to some sources, short keyword search volumes represent only 30% of the total number of searches, while the remaining 70% are long keywords.

Why your company needs a search survey.

The Internet is the most important channel through which you can reach your customers and where they are looking for information, products or services. Digital channel marketing is also often cheaper than traditional channels, not to mention how much more effective and convenient, like search engine advertising. You can use search query research as the foundation for all your digital marketing, from websites to social media marketing.

The Internet is the most important communication channel where everyone wants to be represented. Everyone should have a digital marketing implementation plan and an idea of ​​what kind of content potential customers want to find. So don’t let your opponents leave you in the shadows! Keyword research is one of the most practical ways to start systematic marketing.

Keyword research alone is not the key to happiness – other actions are needed

Once keyword research is done, people won’t just show up on your site. The content must be created on the site to match the information obtained from keyword research. This could mean creating new subpages, editing and updating existing content, or creating a new product category for an online store. Try to actively create content, such as posting one new blog post per week. This requires resources, but in terms of search engine exposure, content can be a lifeline for your business, without which you will not succeed in search results.

Your awesome new content should drive traffic to your site, generate leads and sales, and increase your entire site in search results by adding new inbound links.

How to search for a specific period?

First, it’s important to list all services and/or products, as well as what words are currently being searched for, how much search volume those keywords have, and how the site you’re considering ranks for those keywords. When we do keyword research, the client fills out a questionnaire to help us figure it out, as we may not be experts in the field.

After the first step, we will start looking for keywords that are suitable for the products and/or services that are offered to customers. For example, we use various keyword research tools. Semrush and Keywordtool. These tools help us find different forms of keywords and the “long keywords” mentioned above. We also look at the client’s competitor websites and what keywords they use and where they rank in search results.

This is the top of the list of 325 different keywords found by KeywordTool, with only one keyword related to electric guitars.

Another good tool is Google’s own search engine, which suggests keywords for people to search for. Here are the suggestions at the bottom of the Google search results page with a search for electric guitar:

After that, we list the keywords and their data, for example, when this keyword is compiled in the checkout process, and send it to the customer for evaluation. The client rates the keywords based on their relevance to their business. This allows us to distinguish between keywords that are important and relevant to the business and those that are not. This is a kind of “double guarantee” from the client for the work we do.

When we get back the results of the keyword research we’ve done, we’ll start working on a content plan based on the keyword research. This plan is very detailed, which provides a good starting point for creating content and, for example, the structure of a new site.


Keyword research is the most important tool for achieving search engine exposure. It can be used to achieve great results with a high ROI. However, a keyword survey still needs to be updated at least once a year to keep it current.

If you really want an easy way to improve your digital marketing, do some keyword research because then you will know what your customers are looking for online and what information they want to find on your website. After that, the only question is whether you want to fulfill the wishes of your customers and take action.

A homework:

I encourage you to think of important keywords for your business and list them. Then see how you rank in search results, for example with this online tool . If you’re not happy with your ranking and your competitors are ahead of you, keyword research is the best first step to ranking higher! NB: If you just do a Google search for that keyword, your site might come up first. However, your browsing history does affect search results, so it’s always a good idea to check your rankings with the right tool.

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