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Bloggers Arena Galati 5th Edition and Website NEW!

Those who share are the strongest 🙂

The 5th edition (level 5) of the BAG event (Bloggers Arena Galați) will take place on February 24, 2018. On this occasion, the boys (and girls) from Thecon also created a website dedicated to the event, which will post details on how before.

The site contains information about how we had fun at past events and how we will have fun at future events. Bloggers Arena Galați this opportunity for people who will if it is more implied in the online community of the city.

As a participant you can discover a constantly growing community, as a partner you can benefit from promoting the business you run through blogs and social networks. I started in 2016 at a meeting of local bloggers with a keen nostalgia for the days when long nights and lan parties were held where old cola was sacred, the mouse with a ball and a yellow mechanical keyboard were the pinnacle of uluilogiei. gaming

Since then, consoles, virtual realities and all sorts of alternatives have appeared. As there is currently no internet cafe where you can do this, we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to invent one.

We are not open non-stop and it is not for everyone. There are rules for joining the club: You have to be a blogger or a blog reader, you know who Mario is, you love gaming in any of its formats (on consoles, on PC, on phone, board games, car, etc) Yes I do sign up for the site.

Do you want to get involved? We are a community of expanding gaming and online enthusiasts. If you want to get involved, no matter the way, contact us and we would love to meet you. To get in touch with us, go to the accessest link and fill in the contact form on the page. February 24th is my godfather’s birthday, give a first part to the day definitely come and go a Fifa 18 tour and maybe Mortal Combat X.

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