Content marketing is the cornerstone of your digital marketing

Content marketing

The quality of a website’s content determines, among other things, how well Facebook marketing works, how well Google marketing works, how many leads a business gets, how attractive they are, how many of them buy, and whether email marketing generates leads.

Therefore, all digital marketing is based on the entire essence of content marketing. And its meaning is not limited to digital technologies, companies also drive traffic to their websites through print, television, radio and outdoor advertising. If the site’s content marketing package doesn’t get the customer to act the way we want, the entire marketing process is virtually wasted.

Of course, you should not expect that every site visitor will immediately become a customer, but content marketing in these cases should be compared to an apple tree. Apples are an individual product that everyone can eat. The more apples we make the customer eat, the better, because where do you think the customer will look for food when they are really hungry?

At SDM we use lead content mills for this process. Its objective is to convey the value that the company brings to the site visitor in a clear and differentiated way, so that the potential client begins to want the value that the company generates and not just the cheapest price in the sector.

“Services with the same name from competing companies often bring completely different value to the buyer. The problem is that services with the same name are published identically on company websites, but at a different level, and the cheapest service is not necessarily the most suitable for them.

Lead mills are practically strategic content objects passing information about customers from an information-seeking site visitor to a dedicated customer.

All in vain if you do not know the identity of your buyer.

All the content of an article or video is useless if we do not get the client to listen or read the message. that’s why we accurately identify buyers. The identity of the buyer must be recognizable from the beginning of the message. This really sparks their interest in the message and they begin to absorb it.

This is largely influenced by the buyer’s awareness of the product.

Consciousness can be divided into five different degrees.

1) Conscientious people know they need your product but haven’t bought it yet.

2) Product specialists know about your product and know they need it, but didn’t buy it, for example, because of the suspicions associated with it.

3) The conscientious shopper knows the desired end result but doesn’t know that your product is their solution.

4) The one who has a problem is aware of it but does not know that it has a solution.

5) Completely ignorant people are not aware of their problem, even if they actively experience it.

We cannot write the same for everyone, but the input angle must be completely different if we want the person to read the text and then act as it should.

Let me give you a kettlebell as an example. The CrossFitter knows that he can train kettlebells in many different ways, so he doesn’t have to sell the kettlebell idea. To convince them, just show ten different workouts.

A person with hip pain knows that they want the pain to go away. In this case, they shouldn’t be selling the kettlebell, but the end result, that is, a life without hip pain, where kettlebell training is the solution.

On the other hand, an office worker may be completely unaware of the consequences of their poor posture and therefore not feel like they are experiencing any problems. In such situations, the attention of the target group must be sought at a steep angle of entry, and advancement in such a category is either at risk or has a great opportunity.

For an office worker who is completely unaware of his problem, he has to write a lot more content than for a CrossFitter who already wants a kettlebell. The office worker needs to be informed about his problem, its dangers, and how to solve it. When a company writes on its website in circular marketing jargon, “We bring you the cheapest and most reliable kettlebells with customer-oriented service,” the company will, at its best, attract customers who know they need a kettlebell. Too often, the focus is solely on ready-to-buy customers and they forget to create a need at the top of the funnel, where large masses of customers are concentrated.

“If you can create many different ways to buy and sell lead mills for a 16kg ball of iron, you can build them to sell any product or service.”

While content marketing can also be used to bundle a store in marketing or online stores for services like SaaS, in most cases, your job is to generate leads. Of course, the quality and warmth of the lead have a huge impact on the sales aggregation percentage, and this can directly depend on how strategically organized the content marketing organization is.

In other words, sales growth should be measured whenever content marketing is done.

If someone needs to be blamed for a good or bad marketing result, blame the content.

Before you can drive traffic to a website, general content marketing needs to be in order. This means that the content must be constructed in such a way that it directs the customer both in individual content and in general towards the store or contact with the seller.

A very common mistake is driving traffic to your site with ads, even if the content doesn’t lead to a sale or even a conversation with a customer. This is when we often start saying that Google or Facebook are not working for us, when in fact the reason is the content of the site.

Two things led to the above situation. First of all, content marketing is just considered writing that any TET trainee can do in parallel with another job. The second point is that content marketing is by no means a logical whole. In this case, the site visitor must be an active participant and find the necessary information, so they usually leave the site. This can be compared to the fact that the buyer has to be a more active party than the seller in a normal store and find the best solution for himself when the seller deals with third-party problems.

Therefore, it is wrong to think of content marketing and content production as simply writing. Writing good, profitable content is extremely difficult. This requires, among other things, business experience, marketing knowledge, knowledge of psychology, and the ability to form memorable objects using text.

The illusion of the ease of content marketing is created by the fact that each of us learned to write at the age of 7, but I am not a good marketer, although I can say so. This is why not everyone can be a good content marketer, even if they know how to write.

The importance of content marketing and mailing lists is now emphasized everywhere, and for good reason.

The cost of paid ad impressions and clicks has been rising steadily over the years, so you won’t get as many visitors to your site with the same budget as before. That is why advertising should pay special attention to the quality of traffic. The website should pay attention to the fact that as much traffic as possible should be converted into sales and loyal customers.

Even if the cost per click skyrockets, email marketing allows you to send one or 1,000 messages for the same monthly price. Therefore, the value of an email list in Finland also increases significantly. In addition, algorithm changes in social networks or search engines do not affect email marketing, but communication with the customer base is in the hands of the company. Therefore, the larger your mailing list, the safer your marketing will be. On the other hand, content marketing is the best way to expand the list itself.

In the future, customer-centric content will also be especially important through customer segmentation. Due to the increasing flow of messages, people will read fewer and fewer posts, blogs, and articles if they feel that they are not written and useful to them.

For example, a person interested in sports might be interested in figure skating or ice hockey. Anyone interested in hockey may be interested in the NHL or the National League. So with a general mass message, you will only reach a very small percentage of your customer base, and the rest of the message is not interesting. Of course, precise targeting takes work, but it will definitely be worth it.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the central location of the city and the large influx of visitors do not guarantee the success of a store in it. The same goes for the company website. Even if a site attracts a lot of visitors, without good, consistent content, a visitor won’t convert into a customer. That is why the days of 24/7 content marketing and inconsistent content marketing are gone forever.

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