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Refresh the Throne Susține Blogger!

What does this campaign entail?

Consulting, auditing and 2 hours of maintenance of your site, these are the things that Thecon will offer you and your blog, pro-bono. Thus, your piece of space in the online environment will benefit from a refurbishment, but also from a refresh of the functionalities, depending on your needs.

What kind of services can you benefit from?

  • Web design – you will work together to give a new look to your site
  • Web development – ​​Please solve a problem with accela care nu function, yes i have vreo 10
  • SEO – will optimize your site to perform better on search engines, but also to load faster.

All you have to do is fill out the Thecon Support Bloggers form and you will be contacted by the team that will take care of your site. And if you’re happy with what they’ve done for your blog, you’ll need to write an article like this as a thank you note. (Stop being satisfied already, right?)

Who are those of the Thecon?

Maybe you’ve already heard about them, in terms of other activities they do, or maybe not. Thecon has been active since 2006, and their business card clearly reads Web Development and Online Marketing Agency, but they wear so many hats that I would need two full articles to write about the things they fit me in.
If you’re curious about services or you need to create a site to launch your business, appeal to increase the Thecon specialists.

What is my relationship with Thecon?

With the Thecon team I can say that I have a professional relationship, but also a personal one. Being all from Galați, it is difficult not to meet at different events, where I am involved both in terms of the job, but also personally. We have made it a habit to meet and support charitable events such as or 8 hours overtime, but also at entertainment events such as Bloggers Arena Galați (or #BAG).

I would like to say that I can count on the fingers of one hand the years of collaborating with them, but they pass, and we always manage to find new ways of collaborating with them.

3 reasons pentru care is applied by #theconsustinebloggerii

I will summarize in 3 reasons, almost everything I said in this article:

  • Free benefit of 2 hours of maintenance for your blog (your joy is going to do in the 2 hours)
  • You work with a team of specialists with extensive experience
  • Guarantee both me and other bloggers that you will be happy with what comes out of this experience.

If I made you curious, you should apply. If you’ve worked with them before, tell me about your experience with them in the comments.

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